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SPLASH® Marine Services

Aqueos Corporation, under its SPLASH® marine service line, provides marine construction, diving, ROV and vessel services and project management. These services include new construction, inspection, maintenance, and repair (IMR) and decommissioning for traditional oil field, civil, military, and renewable resources markets.

SPLASH® services are offered via a custom-built, special purpose live-boating and survey hull. This unique, purpose-built vessel has built-in IMCA audited diving equipment for surface-supported diving, air, or NITROX, to ~100’depth. SPLASH marine services are performed by our highly trained and experienced commercial divers, capable of undertaking a variety of tasks including quick response inspections and repairs on oil or wind platforms, pipelines and underwater power and communication cables as well as docks and piers. Additionally, our vessel can be configured with electronic subsea survey equipment and personnel to map pipelines and locate objects or debris on the sea or riverbeds.

SPLASH® marine services are particularly unique, given our capability to conduct diving “live-boating” operations for pipeline inspections while the vessel is underway.