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In an ever-changing world that requires both existing and renewable energy resources to thrive, the need for proven and experienced marine construction and commercial diving services continues to grow. The primary issue most engineers and developers face is finding companies that can not only provide a highly trained team of commercial divers, but also the type of project management expertise needed to work with local communities, complex work environments, and governmental regulations.

AQUEOS utilizes its subsea experience and proven track record of excellence, professionalism, and safety to provide marine construction, commercial diving, ROV, and vessel contracting services to the oil and gas, civil, military, and renewable energy sectors – ensuring that Aqueos remains a leader in technology, sustainability, and environmental accountability.

For over 23 years Aqueos has served the oil and gas and subsea markets, and while we remain committed to providing the same level of service to these industries, our experience has given us the opportunity to respond to the growing needs of the offshore Renewable Energy Sector.

Subsea support services


DSV Kelly Ann Candies

DP2 DSV Integrated Saturation Diving / Air Diving / Work Class ROV

Diving Systems

Surface Supplied Air & Mixed Gas


Special Purpose Live Boating and Survey Hull

MPSV Sea Scout

Catamaran Multi-Purpose Service Vessel Survey/Diving/ROV

Saturation Diving System

12 Man, 1000′ Rated, DNV Certified, IMCA Compliant


Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) System

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