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Oil & Gas (Subsea Support) Services

Aqueos is a proven provider of marine construction, commercial diving, remotely operated vehicle (“ROV”) and vessel contracting services in the Oil & Gas sector,  with service lines that include inspection and repair, underwater cleaning, pipeline installation, tie-ins & inspection, structural repair, platform & facility abandonment and marine terminal projects. Our core values include a commitment to excellence and a continued dedication to creating an incident-free workplace.

Marine Construction

  • SCR and Hull Piping Tie-ins
  • Subsea Tie-ins and Pre-commissioning Support
  • Decommissioning Work
  • Pipeline Maintenance & Repair, Hot Tap and Tie-ins
  • Anode Installations
  • Platform Inspections, Maintenance & Repair
  • Riser and Platform Member Repair
  • Salvage and Debris Clearance

 Commercial Diving

  • Surface Supplied Air Diving
  • Scuba Replacement Package (SRP)
  • Nitrox Diving / Enriched O2
  • Surface Supplied Mixed-Gas Diving
  • Saturation Diving with SPHL
  • Hyperbaric Rescue Facility (HRF)
  • Underwater Video & Still Photography
  • Underwater Welding and Burning

 Remote Operated Vehicle

  • Underwater Inspections
  • Power cable installations and inspections
  • Route Surveys

 Vessel Contracting

  • Diving Support Vessels (DSV)
  • Multi-Purpose Support Vessels (MPSV)
  • Lift Boats
  • Utility Vessels
  • Survey Vessels
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