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Winds of Change: Bringing World-Class Work to the U.S. - Aqueos Case Study


U.S. Supply Chain in Growing Offshore Wind Energy Industry

When The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) issued consent to Dominion Energy to the first wind energy research lease in U.S. federal waters, they formed a chain of expertise that led to Aqueos. Dominion partnered with the Danish multinational company Ørsted, which contracted our client, Subsea 7, to supply and install cables for the Virginia Coastal Wind (VCW 01) Project.

Aqueos assisted by:

  • Providing Project Management and Engineering Services
  • Providing offshore support for the export cable nearshore installation


Deliver World-class renewable energy services for the first time in the U.S.

Aqueos is a global leader in delivering offshore services and projects. The company has years of experience in the power cable nearshore works market and used it during this offshore wind energy Project.  Ørsted’s condition: divers must be IMCA-certified with similar experience. Already DNV-certified, IOGP approved and an IMCA/ ADCI member, Aqueos was up for the challenge.

Aqueos’ personnel were ready to meet and exceed the requirements for the Scope of Work.

Aqueos assisted by:

  • Development of all HSE, Quality, Engineering and Management Procedures
  • Subsea operations included the excavation of the HDD bore hole exit location, transmission cable pull-in, grouting operations, and survey activities
  • Provision of required Marine Assets, IMCA compliant diving equipment and properly trained and experienced personnel


We’re prepared for the future of renewable energy.

Aqueos safely and swiftly supplied world-class products and services to the Virginia Coastal Wind (VCW 01) Project, positioning us in the upper echelon of subsea providers. Powered by years of subsea experience in the offshore oil and gas sector, our team is now prepared for more wind sector work – and is well positioned to deliver future wind energy projects to not only the North East, but also the Gulf of Mexico and the West Coast regions of the US.

We’ve streamlined the contracts and execution processes as well. Multiple contracts mean multiple risks you don’t need to take. We can provide a single-solution to be your one-stop shop to mitigate risks associated with multiple contractors.

Aqueos is moving forward with:

  • experienced U.S. onshore and offshore subsea and topside workers
  • optimized onboarding process