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MPSV Sea ScoutCapabilities Case Study - Aqueos Case Study


Transition resources to better serve the renewable energy sector.

As a subsea and transitional service provider, Aqueos needed a survey vessel that can meet current market demands but is equipped for the future of energy services in unchartered territory: the offshore wind, civil, and military markets.

Aqueos considered:

  • Multi-mission wind farm and offshore projects
  • Shallow water accommodation
  • Passenger and crew safety accommodations


Identify a vessel equipped for multi-mission projects of today – and tomorrow.

The MPSV Sea Scout fit the bill. She is a specialty built, high speed, shallow draft survey vessel with CTV, LTV, ROV, and air diving capabilities. At 134” length, the Catamaran fits somewhere between a large survey and our SPLASH™ (Special Purpose Live-Boat and Survey Hull) vessel. Her unique, American-made quad propeller arrangement allows the MPSV Sea Scout to navigate shallow waters at 26 knots while meeting international safety standards.

MPSV Sea Scout classifications and multi-service capabilities:

  • CTV, LTV, ROV, and air diving
  • Jones Act-compliant
  • Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) compliant


Our MPSV Sea Scout is fully equipped to galvanize the wind farm sector.

The MPSV Sea Scout can swiftly navigate passengers and crew through shallow waters for weeks without returning to dock. For up to 20 days, the MPSV Sea Scout can accommodate 22 passengers and 4 crew members, progressing projects at double the speed of the average shallow draft vessel while offering the CTV, LCV, and ROV capabilities they often lack.

MPSV Sea Scout can:

  • Accommodate 26 people for up to 20 days
  • Expedite project completion
  • Support offshore wind farm projects with multiple features.

For further information on Aqueos Corporation call the Aqueos office at (337) 714-0033 or (805) 676-4330.